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The perfect suspension for every demand!

Street Comfort

Products to improve driving
and operating comfort

Street Performance

Coilovers for an individual look and to improve driving dynamics on the road

Track Performance

Clubsport & racing suspensions to achieve the fastest possible lap time

Product Overview

The perfect suspension for every demand!

Street Comfort

Coilover Kits

In our product category "Street Comfort" you will find all products of the brand KW suspensions, which enable an increased level of usability and driving comfort.

KW V2 Comfort

With the V2 Comfort coilover kits, you get the perfect compromise between driving dynamics and driving comfort.

KW V3 Leveling

The KW Leveling suspensions focus on the combination of increased driving dynamics and comfort in connection with a minimum lowering or, if desired, raising of the suspension.

Height-adjustable spring set

KW coilover springs allow you to lower the suspension directly on your standard suspension.

KW Hydraulic Lift System

Overcome speed bumps or steep ascents in multi-story car parks without difficulty.

KW ESC module

The modules exclusively deactivate all functions of the standard damper control - all other comfort functions are retained.

Street Performance

Coilover Kits

Under the product group Street Performance, you will find all KW coilover suspension kits for a maximum lowering for road vehicles. Depending on the KW coilover suspension kit, you can adjust the compression and rebound forces individually to your personal driving requirements in a more comfortable or sportier way.

KW Variant 1

Our entry-level model for more driving fun through an appealing and individually adjustable lowering is the KW variant 1.

KW Variant 2

Performance, high level of sportiness and comfort with racing technology for the road. Separately adjustable compression and rebound stage damping.

KW Variant 3

Already carried out the first performance modifications ? It's easy to set these with the KW coilover kit variant 3 with the separate setting of the compression and rebound stage.

KW Variant 4

High-performance racing technology for daily road use with KW 3-way racing damper adjustment technology. This allows the rebound damping, low-speed and high-speed compression damping to be set independently.

KW Variant 5

Variant 5 impresses in sports cars and super sports cars with precise and fast damping without delay. Even with short suspension travel, steering movements and minimal uneven road surfaces, the dampers and valves react directly.

KW Coilovers Overview

All over the world, sporty drivers, tuners and refiners trust the KW coilover kits with their different damping variants.

KW DDC coilover kits

Our KW DDC Coilover Suspension kits combine the advantages of an adaptive damping system with a stylish and sporty lowering depending on your individual needs. The adaptive KW Coilover Suspension Kits are available as KW DDC plug&play variant for vehicles with electronically controlled shocks and KW DDC ECU variant with an optional Smartphone app control for vehicles without actively controlled shocks. Currently the KW DDC plug&play and KW DDC ECU coilover suspension kits are available for over 300 vehicle types.

KW ESC- module

More and more vehicles are optionally equipped with adaptive suspension damper control systems, which have to be replaced by cost-intensive OEM dampers after a defect or increased wear and often also represent an obstacle to stepless lowering. To ensure that you still benefit from more driving pleasure in the form of an individual retrofit of a coilover suspension or sports suspension, we have developed KW decommissioning kits (KW ESC module). The modules exclusively deactivate all functions of the standard damper control - all other comfort functions are retained.

Track Performance

Coilover Kits

You take part with your street legal sports car mainly in track days on racetracks or you start with your racecar at different motorsport events? In the "Track Performance" product category you will find the ideal suspension technology for your track days with your road-legal vehicle and also full adjustable racing shocks for professional motorsport.

KW V3 Clubsport
Coilover Kit

Directly influence the steering behavior, the directional stability, the tire grip and handling characteristics for a safe controllability at the limit of driving dynamics.

KW V4 Clubsport
Coilover Kit

The KW 7-post drive dynamics test stand, can further be adapted via the click dial to the wheel loads, vehicle weight and altered body rigidity due to a bolted cage, welded safety cell or strut brace.

KW V5 Clubsport
Coilover Kit

Wheel loads, vehicle weight and chassis reinforcements (increased body stiffness) can all be taken into consideration with adjustment capabilities of the KW V5 Clubsport.

KW Racing

Whether official customer motor sports, private teams, or factory teams. The KW Competition applications are available in different versions with 5-way, 4-way, 3-way and 2-way adjustable racing damper technologies or with fixed preconfigured damper setup.

KW Clubsport Toe Link Kit

Extended toe adjustment range for best track performance at maximum camber
- Sealed Hirschmann Automotive uniball joints
- User-friendly thanks to right/left-hand thread
- Including technical component report.

KW high performance helper springs

KW high-performance racing springs are made from specially alloyed and tempered spring steel and the increased endurance of the material enable new spring constructions with reduced wire diameter. Therefore the springs are up to 30% more efficient than conventional racing springs.


From the The KW coilover suspension kit,
to KW 7-post driving dynamics tests

KW DDC - Dynamic Damping Control

Sportiness or more driving comfort at the push of a button combined with an outstanding (vehicle) look thanks to the KW DDC coilover kit with electronic damper control.

KW HLS - Hydraulic Lift System

With our KW HLS you can lift your sports car or your lowered vehicle in order to safely overcome obstacles such as bumps, garage and underground car park entrances. Depending on the version of the installed lift system, your vehicle will be raised on the front axle or on both axles.

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