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Individuelle Tieferlegung

Fulfills every wish


KW coilovers, KW height-adjustable spring sets and KW DLC AirSuspensions allow a stepless lowering within the scope of the tested parts certificate. For example, our Street Comfort products allow an individual height adjustment with subtle lowering of 10 – 50 mm, while the Street Performance products allow the maximum technically possible lowering, which can be between 45 – 85 mm depending on the vehicle. The lowering can be designed according to the personal needs of the user and, depending on the product category, a vote ranging from comfort to performance can be selected.

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Rebound 16 Clicks

Two-stage rebound valve with adjustable rebound damping


The rebound damping is precisely matched to the respective vehicle on the in-house vehicle dynamics test bench and the setting is fixed in the middle area. With 16 exact clicks, an individual adjustment can then be defined and you can choose between more comfort or more body control. The two-stage patented TVR-A technology enables the low volume flows to flow through an adjustable conical low-speed bypass at slow damper speeds and to open the main rebound valve for the large volume flows at higher piston speeds. This results in a significant increase in driving comfort without affecting the high speed in the safety-relevant area.


Bump-Compression Low

Two-stage compression valve with low-speed setting


The patented pressure stage valve has two separate, spring-loaded valves for small and large volume flows. The pressure level adjusted for the respective vehicle type on our 7-Post-Rig is delivered in a medium factory setting. With 12 exact clicks, the adjustable pressure stage valve can reduce or enlarge the cross-section in the low-speed valve and thus ensure more or less pressure damping. At the same time, the spring-preloaded needle valve opens its maximum valve cross-section at sudden high piston speeds together with the spring-preloaded main valve and, with its blow-off characteristic, knows how to prevent unwanted progressive increases in force in the high-speed range. This makes it possible to better support the vehicle body and at the same time to offer more comfort than with conventional valve technology at high ad acceleration. The compression damping setting is always supplied in conjunction with a separate rebound setting, as only an independent 2-way damper setting allows real performance optimization.


Bump-Compression Low/High

Two-stage compression valve with low and high speed setting

This is THE high-end technology from motorsport for the most demanding street and track performance customers. Two separate valves and a 2-way adjustable pressure stage valve enable pressure damping to be changed separately in the low and high-speed range. The settings are made using two setting wheels with click raster, which have 16 setting positions in the valve housing for high-speed (with 15 clicks) and in the low-speed housing with 7 setting positions (with 6 clicks). When tuning on the KW driving dynamics test bench, the pioneering V4 coilover kit receives the best street performance tuning in a medium basic setting and an additional setting recommendation for occasional use on track days.

The 3A Clubsport coilover kit is set to the medium factory setting specifically for track day use and an additional setting recommendation for driving on the road to the racetrack. Based on the factory setting, the damping can be set to be harder or softer in low / high speed. This technology has a blow-off characteristic with large cross-sections. The resulting high low-speed forces enable the best possible support for the vehicle body without having the body lift off at high damper speeds that are excited by the wheels (crossing of curbs). The separate low and high speed setting is always supplied with an additional rebound setting and thus guarantees an independent 3-way damper setting.


Composite Federteller

Because the difference lies in the details

The height-adjustable KW spring plate is made of a resistant and friction-optimized polyamide composite material with a stainless steel insert. In contrast to anodized aluminum adjustable spring plates, the polyamide composite prevents possible oxidation. In connection with the Inox-Line, this guarantees the permanent functionality of the height adjustment.



The perfect height adjustment thread


In contrast to ordinary threads, KW uses a friction-optimized and dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread that is characterized by its low adjustment forces. Thanks to its large cross-sectional area, it also has a higher load-bearing capacity.



The only really permanent corrosion resistance

The suspension struts of the KW coilovers are made of high quality stainless steel and are therefore rust-free. In contrast to other solutions, no coatings can be removed when the lowering is adjusted, which enables 100 percent corrosion resistance and thus an unlimited service life of the height-adjustable KW suspension struts. The lowering via the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread in connection with the polyamide threaded ring guarantees long driving pleasure. So even after years, the stepless lowering is not impaired by environmental influences.



KW 2-pipe technology knows no limits

The use of the KW expansion tank enables additional volume for more oil and more cooling surface for systems that are particularly stressed. The expansion tank, which is filled with a low gas pressure, also enables position-independent installation and can also accommodate the adjustable pressure stage valve for more damper travel.



Testing like in Formula 1

On the in-house 7Post vehicle dynamics test bench from KW, which is also regularly used by automobile manufacturers and international racing teams, the KW coilovers are optimally coordinated depending on the design and target group. In addition to driving tests on public roads and on race tracks, the 7Post driving dynamics test bench is indispensable for perfect fine-tuning. Under objective laboratory conditions that can be reproduced at any time, work is carried out daily on the KW driving experience that is valued worldwide.



Expands the track performance setting options

Depending on the vehicle type, the aluminum unibal support bearings have a scalable camber setting and can optionally also be adjusted in the wake. This allows the camber angle to be adjusted so that a maximum tire contact area is achieved when cornering and handling is even more direct. Note: Increased fall values ​​are only recommended for track day use, as they reduce tire life in road use.



Certified safety

The parts certificate, which describes the individual lowering options in connection with the respective vehicle, is always included in the scope of delivery. This enables acceptance and subsequent entry in the vehicle documents without any problems. The parts certificate also contains precise vehicle assignments, requirements and instructions for safe assembly.


Hydraulische Anhebung

Lift me up


With the KW hydraulic lift system (HLS for short), the body can be raised at the push of a button for more ground clearance, even while driving. Obstacles such as speed bumps or steep parking garage ramps can be easily overcome thanks to HLS from KW. The system is offered as a vehicle-specific retrofit solution for OEM dampers or as a complete chassis solution including the hydraulic systems. The KW hydraulic lift system is available for the front axle as well as for both axles depending on the application.


App Control

The KW iSuspension innovation


With the KW iSuspension apps, customer-specific adjustments can be made easily and intuitively using your own smartphone:

1.) The app of the DDC ECU coilovers allows you to select the three defined damper setups (Comfort / Sport / Sport +) on the one hand, but also to completely individual adjustments of the adaptive damper on the other hand.

2.) With the DLC app, you can easily choose between self-defined lowering and the standard vehicle height and, in conjunction with our DLC air suspension modules, make precise adjustments to the vehicle height.

Both apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google Play Store.

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