ST XTA plus 3 Coilover Vw Golf Vii (5G1. Bq1. Be1. Be2) 08/2012- 2.0 R 4Motion 206Kw 1984Ccm

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ST XTA plus 3 – MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, NO COMPROMISES. Your entrance into the king’s class of driving dynamics with the most versatile ST coilover kit we ever built.


The XTA plus 3 coilover kit gives your Vw 2.0 R 4Motion maximum performance for the road and the tools you need for any challenge.

From the factory, the XTA plus 3 coilover kit is equipped with KW dampers that are adjustable in high- and low speed compression as well as adjustable rebound damping. With 24 clicks of adjustment for each, high speed and low speed compression damping and 18 clicks of rebound adjustment, your suspension knows no limits. It doesn’t matter if you bolt in an aftermarket roll cage, weld in a cage, modification to PU bushings upgrade to spherical bushing or changed wheel loads – the XTA plus 3 coilover has what it takes to keep your car dialed! Of course, the XTA plus 3 also includes a parts approval certificate, race springs and aluminum unibal top mounts.

Easy lowering adjustment

Like all ST coilovers the lowering adjustment is made via a continuous thread on the galvanized strut. This even allows the lowering to be made even when the kit is installed by turning the spring plate higher or lower! NOTE: The lowering of each vehicle differs greatly with ST XTA plus 3 coilovers due to the type of construction.

KW Engineering: Exclusive for ST suspension

The high-quality ST XTA plus 3 coilover is based on the twin-tube damping principle of low friction combined with pressure-resistant damper housings. Manufactured directly at KW, a mono block guide and seal package reduces the friction of the damper as well as protecting it against corrosion and dirt. Each galvanized strut is sealed multiple times to ensure maximum longevity in ALL weather conditions.

– Latest damping technology for maximum longevity
– Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
– Individual lowering within the tested adjustment range
– Front and rear axle (when possible) with thread adjustment
– Galvanized coilover struts with additional coating for an optimized corrosion protection
– Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection
– Aluminum adjustable uniball top mounts (when possible)
– Scaled camber adjustment (optionally also caster), when possible
– 3-way adjustable dampers:
18 clicks low speed rebound damping
24 clicks low speed compression damping
24 clicks high speed compression damping

Full Vehicle Description

VW GOLF VII (5G1. BQ1. BE1. BE2) 08/2012- 2.0 R 4motion 206kW 1984ccm


ST XTA plus 3 Coilovers galvanized steel (adjustable damping with top mounts)



Part Number


Lowering F/R (mm)


Height Adjustment F/R


Damping Adjustment

Rebound and Compression Damping

Axle Weight F/R



Galvanized steel

Content Of Delivery

Set FA coilover struts incl. top mounts/ RA springs with height adjustment + dampers


ST XTA + 3

Front Axle Diameter 2(mm)


Rear Axle Type

Multi-link rear axle (independent wheel suspension)

Drive Type

All-wheel Drive



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